Gestalt (noun) psychology, an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

Faux Paz's 25th Anniversary Concert, Dekelboum Concert Hall (March 2018)

Faux Paz's 25th Anniversary Concert, Dekelboum Concert Hall (March 2018)

A cappella is an art form that demands interdependence between musicians. Take one part out, and the sound changes drastically. We rely on the individual parts to create the greater whole. This is Gestalt. United, our sound is much greater than that of any single voice. With musical leanings between the recognizable and the sublime, our quest is to break the mold of contemporary a cappella.

Gestalt is a competitive a cappella group founded in Fall 2016 at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Our inaugural year sent shockwaves through the a cappella scene at UF, in the state of Florida, and across the nation: we performed a show-closing set for The Betsy's A Cappella Festival 2016, successfully crowdfunded over $12,000 to produce our first studio albumand made our competitive debut via the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. Our accolades from the 2017 ICCA season include:

  • First Place Champion, South Quarterfinal

  • Second Runner-Up, South Semifinal

  • Wildcard Entry, International Wildcard Semifinal

  • Outstanding Choreography, Lizzie Frankenthal for the entire set

  • Outstanding Soloist, Brittany Russell for "Lionsong"

More recently in our second season as a group, Gestalt competed in SoJam XV and advanced all the way to the final round of competition for the evening. Our accolades include:

  • First Runner-Up

  • Best Arrangement, Gestalt

  • Best Soloist, Brittany Russell

In April, Gestalt earned recognition from the 2018 Boston Sings A Cappella Festival with both competition laurels and Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards:

  • Second Runner-Up

  • Mastery of Texture, Gestalt

  • Best Debut Album, Beyond the Archetype

  • Best Mixed Collegiate Solo, Brittany Russell for "Lionsong"

  • Best Professional Arrangement for a Scholastic Group, Ben Bram for "Trainwreck"

  • Runner-Up for Best Experimental/Electronic Album, Beyond the Archetype

  • Runner-Up for Best Religious Song, "Selah"

Competing again in the same month, Gestalt participated in the first-ever AEA Collegiate Invitational with some of the best groups in the game (i.e. Berklee’s Pitch Slapped, Faux Paz, and Lark). Our set won us the honor of:

  • First Runner-Up

Our debut studio album Beyond the Archetype was released last year on iTunes and Spotify and garnered a record-breaking 11 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award nominations! We thank our generous Kickstarter backers for their financial support. Feel free to peruse the album's liner notes. Check here for a sneak peak at our forthcoming live album and its liner notes.

Rivals some of the best a cappella at any level.
— Rob Dietz, The Recorded A Cappella Review Board
Strong arrangements and impressive execution...a rich listening experience.
— Thomas Dec, The Recorded A Cappella Review Board

We thank you for showing interest in Gestalt. Please email us at contact@gestaltacappella.com with any questions and consider donating so that we may continue to break the mold.


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