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Virtual Auditions

Interested in singing, recording, and competing as a part of Gestalt this 2023-24 Season? 

Complete this form, and we will contact you if you have moved to the next round of auditions!


As part of your virtual audition, you will submit the link to an unlisted YouTube video of your audition in the corresponding field below. Your audition video must consist of the following:

  • singing along to provided ascending and descending exercises.

  • singing (a cappella) a verse and chorus of two contrasting songs which best highlight your voice.

Download the exercises from the provided link and sing along to them in your video!

(Optional) Feel free to include additional information which you would like to let us know about yourself! This could be past musical experience or creative skills you feel we would be be interested in! This will not impact your acceptance as a performing member of Gestalt.

Thanks for your auditioning! We'll get back to you soon!

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